18 Year Old Seunghas Sense Game (2020)

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synopsis :

Jung Woo, who had been having fun with Na Young and his newlywed son, quietly sings about democracy while Na Young is on a business trip. After spending a lovely time with two people, he is resting at home, and Na Young comes home sooner than he thinks, and the Democrat stole the political scene of Na Young and Chung Woo-woo hiding in the house in Jeongwoo without returning to his home, and chung-woo is so surprised that he is so surprised that he has tensohard to end his relationship with Na Young and find a democracy. But how does their relationship end? The exhilarating love story of young men and women just begins

Date: September 24, 2020
Actors: Sang Woo / Seo Won / Seung Ha