Actress Sex Audition (2020)

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Synopsis :

The third-generation filmmaker, Chun Bong, goes hunting for the godfather road with his newly-rescued assistant director, Mi Young. However, hunting is only an pretext, and his interest is more on jetbob. The cloth which wants to dazzle the industry’s unknowable miyoung and fill one’s greed. Cheonbong’s wife, Eun-woo, also travels to The Godfather road with his son’s soccer class coach, Sung-kyu. The great place of memories that The Godfather and Eun-woo were a favorite during their love affair. Coincidentally, the couple enjoys an overnight meeting at a neighboring pension. We burn each other’s bodies in the same space without knowing each other’s existence. The life of a couple in this age who travels between Eros and Tanatos, a tightrope, and secretly digs into the cracks.

Date: July 12, 2020