Adult Product Instruction Manual 2 (2021)

watch korean porn movie – Adult Product Instruction Manual 2 : Adult Product Lady(2021)
synopsis :
The young man, the main character of this 18+ movie, because of a business failure, happened to surf the Internet and saw an advertisement for an adult product and he felt curious so he went to the store selling this product. to research. The owner of the shop is a woman who welcomed him enthusiastically and introduced the products to him. After hearing the experience and reviews of the store owner, he decided to start a business with this product line, and the main character who tested this adult product first was his girlfriend and he also introduced the store. shop for his girlfriend to come and experience for herself, and then the store owner coaxed her to test the toys together.

Date: October 28, 2021
Actors: Bo Ra / Ha Yool / Ji Ah / Se Ah / Tae Bong