An Affair Married Woman And A Lewd Old Virgin (2021)

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The man who came to board the cheating aunt decided to prepare for the ceremony to win the heart of his ex-girlfriend after he got a stable job after being dumped by his girlfriend of 7 years because he didn’t have a stable job. And he came to the boarding house because he thought he couldn’t concentrate on studying alone at home. Meanwhile, the boarding house owner, who was born in the countryside and knew nothing at the age of 20, married an older man and moved to Seoul. After seeing the young boarder who appeared in front of her, she fell in love with the boarder and secretly fell in love with the boarder because of his body and appearance compared to her older husband. In the end, the wind blows and the two run away. Meanwhile, the owner’s uncle, who learns that her own wife has run away, shouts out cheers of delight. The reason is that he was having an affair with a girlfriend without his wife’s knowledge.

Date: September 30, 2022