Anothers Wife (2020)

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synopsis :

I’ve got a guy who’s ‘picked’ her! A wealthy dowon lives in a sexual lynching of a sexual lynching girl named Yoo Min-hee, but does not occupy sex. One day, dae-ho, a senior, becomes a tax on his brother’s business escaping from the company after he is in bankruptcy and he is taking money from all over the place. The Great Lake, where he and his wife, Sung-a, go and borrow money from the city. However, he cannot pay the interest, and he becomes a fugitive, and eventually Dowon begins to approach the Great Lakes’ wife through this gap. After such a hard time, the Great Lake and the Saint flee. However, he is captured by a long-awaited man, and the Great Lake dies and takes the lone lysis to his home. Over time, the child’s body burns up, seeking active relationships, and the demands of the province swell. Then one day, my husband, who thought he was dead, came and saw it.

Date: August 9, 2020