AS Center Daishin Man (2021)

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synopsis :
So-jin and Yoon-hee, old best friends, live together as roommates. But since there are only two women in the house, sometimes a man’s touch is needed. Changing a fluorescent lamp or clearing a clogged sink may seem trivial, but it is just too difficult for two people to do. Then, she finds out about the app that helps with all these chores, and So-jin, who is struggling alone because the sink is clogged, applies for their service. Shortly thereafter, ‘Dante’ appears with a tool and emitting powerful male pheromone… So-jin, who received a special optional service from him in addition to repairing the sink, begins to become addicted to the app with Yoon-hee.

Date: June 10, 2022
Actors: Dahee / Sang Woo