Big Breasted Caregiver – Special Service (2021)

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synopsis :
Experience the exceptional service of a young and sexy nursing staff that makes even immobile patients able to get an erection. Jung-ah, a caregiver helps Yuk-bong, who has stiff muscles and can’t move. Yuk-bong’s body gradually relaxed and was able to move when Jung-ah touched. Then one day, Yuk-bong was able to get an erection and gradually relaxed and succeeded in having sex with Jung-ah.
His grandson Yoon-gi lives with and brings his girlfriend So-mi to introduce to Yuk-bong and Jung-ah. Jung-ah asks Yoon-gi for help, saying there’s a problem with the bathroom, but in reality, she likes Yoon-gi and that’s as an excuse to seduce him into having sex with her. While Jung-ah is away, Yuk-bong needs to pee and find Jung-ah but she isn’t there, so So-mi goes into Yuk-bong’s room and asks if she can help. Yuk-bong is embarrassed, but he has no choice but to ask So-mi to help him pee, but So-mi, surprised to see Yuk-bong’s penis, spills urine and had no choice but to wipe it for him and they had sex…

Date: July 24, 2021