Big Breasted Daughter-in-law (2020)

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synopsis :

Father-in-law and daughter-in-law met through an introductory site for the elimination of libido. Indeed, their fate? Playing and playing that promised to get married. The performance, which did not have a place to stay, enters Kyung-jun’s house. While enjoying his honeymoon a little earlier, Kyung-joon suddenly says that he had to leave for a two-month business trip to work. Inyeong, who would be the parents without her husband without even filing for marriage, and Who lives with Nam-soo, live well thanks to The In-young and Nam-soo, who are kind enough to live, but every day, the performance is envious of the sex of Yin Young and Nam-soo, who have been left alone, and find a man through the meeting site to relieve their desires, and after a while, i was surprised to meet a man at the place where he went out. He is said to have been lonely on a sudden business trip in Gyeongjun, and that he sometimes finds stimuli for a smooth couple’ life. After talking about each other’s situation, today’s affair sat down to tell each other to keep things secret, and nam-soo finally gets to play.

Date: August 15, 2020