BJ Aunt (2019)

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synopsis :

Before he goes back to school, Sang-woo moves in with his aunt who gets divorced from his uncle who she’s been having problems with for her carefree ways.
One day, Sang-woo comes across an adult broadcasting application called Bong-al TV and sees his aunt under the name ‘BJ Aunt’. She’s covered her face with a mask but he’s sure it’s her. Sang-woo feels horny at the sight of her and wonders if he’s a pervert.
For the couple of days his aunt is away on vacation with Ji-seong, who she broadcasts with, Sang-woo spends quality time with his girlfriend, Hye-ran. On the day his aunt returns, Sang-woo sends Hye-ran home and falls asleep after cleaning the house. In his dream, his aunt seduces him, saying she’s not his real aunt, and they have sex. After the wet dream, Sang-woo is upset that he’s a pervert. Just then, his aunt comes into his room and he asks her if she’s really his aunt. However, she coolly answers that she’s been adopted. Sang-woo is overjoyed that he’s not a pervert, and at the thought that his dream could become reality.

Date: August 31, 2020