Blood Type O Watermelon Breast Maid (2021)

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synopsis :
New concept housework helper who can’t do housework but comforts the body and mind, where will we release today? Friends Cheol-min and Jae-hyuk, who have met and talked with after a long time. Jaehyuk recently talked about the housekeeper, saying that the housekeeper who came to work at his house is strange, but he said that the housekeeper was worried because he couldn’t do housework such as cleaning or preparing food. Jaehyuk’s words that he is not good at housekeeping but seems to seduce himself with his big breasts and ass, Cheolmin imagines having sex with Jaehyuk and the housekeeper. Feeling frustrated at the words of her, Cheol-min tells the innocent Jae-hyuk a special secret to trick her. Can Jaehyuk succeed in sex with a beautiful housekeeper?

Date: January 12, 2021