College Girls Red Diary (2021)

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synopsis :
Yun-ni is a freshman at university. She is on a blind sex date for the first time in college. Her partner is Min-cheol, a returning student in 4th grade. They fall in love with each other at first sight. Eventually, Min-cheol and Yun-ni go to the motel and agree to have sex and match up. The next day, Yun-ni is shocked when Min-cheol tells her that he wants to take a break for a while. Yun-ni friend, Hee-jin know the reason. She tells Yun-ni that she cant satisfy Min-cheol in the bed. With her information from Hee-jin, Yun-ni is introduced to her senior Ara, who is called the queen of sex and trains her with the best sex machine. Yun-ni, who has been taught all her sex skills by Ara, show her sex technique to Min-cheol on behalf of Ara. After sex is over, Min-cheol is surprised and begs to see her again, but Yun-ni decide to takes revenge on Min-cheol, saying that she doesn’t want to meet him for a while because he cant satisfy her.

Date: May 31, 2021