Delicious College Girls (2019)

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synopsis :
Delicious college girls! Geo and Seo Young lodging in the house of minji – sexy and fresh girls who can’t get out once they taste it. Geo and Seo Young have been pushing the lodging fee for several months. Minji is a lodging ratio. Seo young begins dating Alba to pay for the lodging. Geo also follows Seo-young to date Alba, and she’s going to have a lodging. Minji declares a no-man entry. Still, the men secretly leave the boarding house, and Geo’s lover, Yoon-sung, gets caught by Minji. Minji makes a political affair by intimidating Yoon Sung. Satisfied, Minji tells Geo and Seo Young thanking him for sometimes telling them that he can bring them with them.

Date: November 15, 2020