Delicious moms (2019)

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synopsis :
The knowledge that he has broken up with his wife and is alone with his son Hee-so, but has not won loneliness, suggests that his son, Hee-so, be what it is like to have a mother… And knowledge is not only a passion for Hee-so’s mother; One day, Hee-so sees the bready and coveted waist and buttocks of passion, a big mama who comes in with fruit in a raunchy slip with all her underwear visible… And you get to imagine. Passion, meanwhile, is to send children to Australia for free and to call home a friend who stays alone. Pure is a type that can’t be subjected to a hot personality when you look at the spiritual world all the time on the bread side. Hee-so accidentally sees a genuine shower scene with a coveted body, and he imagines a genuine ride. Can Hee-so, who ate that night with passion and purity, succeed in having sex with them of his dreams?

Date: November 24, 2020