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Delicious Three Sisters (2018)

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synopsis :

Sexy three sisters and a man’s sweet cohabitation! Fun to pick – who will you enjoy tonight? Ji-Yoon, Ji-ji, ji-young, and Ji-young leave only three sisters at home when their parents travel. It’s scary to hear strange noises in the house on the first night. At that time, the youngest, Ji-young, has a trusted brother who is good at fighting, and he suggests living at home until his parents come. Min-soo came to the house of the three sisters and enjoyed secret sex with the sisters at first, but tired of the untried sisters’ six-shot attack, minsu ran away from the sisters as an excuse to travel, and he called his friend Jun-seok to the other side, but at first he had secret sex with the sisters, but he was tired of the sexual desire of the sisters.

Date: July 1, 2020