Dont Believe The Hole (2021)

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synopsis :
An erotic film about the sexual behavior of men and women, including couples at risk of divorce.
Sumi, who is tired of Ki-seok’s perverted sex life, decides to divorce him and rips the divorce papers at the moment when Ki-seok, who has won the lottery appears. In order to get her money from Ki-seok, Sumi invites Seong-ho, whom she had cheated on in the past, into her house. Seong-ho also invites Chae-yeon, a flower snake from Sinsa-dong, who is crazy with money, and launches a huge scam. Chae-yeon, Seong-ho, and Sumi deceive each other in order to win Ki-seok’s money. But the counterattack from Ki-seok is also getting stronger…

Date: May 21, 2022