Exchange Wife 1 (2022)

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“Exchange Wife 1” is a South Korean erotic film that was directed by Lee Si-young, and released in 2018. The movie stars Lee Soo, Jo Ah, Do Hee, and Jo Wan-jin, and tells the story of Kyung-soo, an art dealer who accidentally damages a painting while appraising it. The painting belongs to Chang-in, a wealthy man who takes an interest in Kyung-soo’s wife, Mi-jung.

As Kyung-soo tries to make amends for the damaged painting, Chang-in sees an opportunity to fulfill his desires. He uses the incident as leverage to force Kyung-soo to make a difficult decision. Kyung-soo must either pay a large sum of money to compensate for the painting’s damage or agree to swap his wife with Chang-in’s wife for a few days.

Kyung-soo is in a difficult position, torn between his love for his wife and the fear of losing his reputation and financial stability. Mi-jung, on the other hand, is initially shocked and hurt by the proposal but is eventually intrigued by the idea of exploring her sexuality and having new experiences.

Date: March 31, 2023