Father, Daughter and Her Friends (2019)

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synopsis :

Mi-na lost her parents from a fire when she was a child, and has been rescued and adopted by Hoon-sik and was raised like her own daughter. She follows her father who she likes, and thinks of as a man. Mi-na’s friend Soo-jin has been in and out of Mi-na’s house since they were kids. She also see Hoon-sik as her ideal type. And then another friend, Min-cheol… though a return student, he thinks of Mi-na and Soo-jin as friends and they rely on each other. Hoon-sik, though a bit indecisive, had a sturdy physique and raised Mi-na. And then, Soo-jin went to the drunk Hoon-sik’s room and fell asleep, and made love with each other. There are things that cannot be caught… Min-cheol faces Mi-na with a sincere heart… From then on, Hoon-sik and Soo-jin developed a relationship with each other… Mi-na watches in despair…

Date: July 8, 2020