Female alumni (2019)

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synopsis :
Young Seok, who lives in Seoul, has a drunk son and wife. One day, SoYoung, the daughter of a friend (Jinkyu) who lives in the province, chooses to work in Seoul and live with her for a while. His son, Woo Seok, is playing every day without thinking about working. Yeong-seok and Sun-hee are always in a horse fight because of woosuk. Young-seok asks Sun-hee to have sex night after night…But She refuses to sleep because she’s not in the family. Soyoung comes in, young-seok is soyoung and drinks in the evening. Soyoung who used to drink is drunk and smok, and soyoung is laid in the room. The young stone which sees soyoung who became sexy a little, and is over without being put up with lust. Soyoung who does not like it…., right stone enters soyoung room to sleep without going to work the next day, and woosuk who works for Soyoung…, it becomes one month, and Soyoung goes out to save house.

Date: December 2, 2020
Actors: Yoon Jae