Female Friend (2019)

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synopsis :
Singer Tentative and her high school friend and manager, Zimin, decide to hide in their pension for a few days, avoiding the stalker. When the company attached the bodyguard Gang Joon-do to the pension, the three people’s strange co-op begins. Kang declares that he will not work other than his duties as a constable, but he needs money, and he listens little by little to their requirements. Then Kang Joon, who went on an errand one day, stands in front of an undecided visit to a strange sound, where he sees the undecided masturbating. The two of them are so embarrassed that kang joon runs away. After that, Kang and Tentative begin to be conscious of each other. One day Park Chul, an investigator who is Zimin’s former lover, came and informed her that the stalker had been killed. Then, after being told by Zimin that there is not a stalker, Park begins an investigation into another stalker and suspect.

Date: December 11, 2020
Actors: Do Mo Se / Ji Ah / Jo Wan Jin