Fiancees Sister (2019)

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synopsis :
After returning from studying abroad, Eui-yeon visits her sister Hee-soo’s with her boyfriend Woo-jin. However, before taking a break, Eui-yeon leaves for a business trip due to an urgent call from the company. Meanwhile, Woo-jin seduces Hee-soo, and Hee-soo, who lived alone has no choice but to share a fatal love with him. After returning from a business trip, Eui-yeon notices a suspicious feeling between the two of them. What makes it even more difficult for Hee-soo who is struggling between morality and love is Woo-jin, who approaches him outright. He even decides to abandon his will, and longs for love from Hee-soo. Where will they end up going?

Date: July 13, 2021
Actors: Ji Hye / Su Ji