Food Chain (2014)

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synopsis :

It doesn’t have to be serious, so there’s a day when someone gave me a warm hug. Nam Hyuk (Kim Min-hyuk), who started his marriage early after meeting with skin care worker Inhee (Yoon Sul-hee) as a high school classmate, feels qualified by his wife due to continued job failure, and Inhee is tired of the recurring routine sabotouring feelings for each other. In a café where he wanders the streets, Nam Hyuk becomes obsessed with the odd pleasure of acting as a big company exaggeration, and every day he visits the female star (Yeonjia) to be comforted and comforted. Bong-gu (Ryu Il-song), who uses her pocket money on errands starring her sister without a job, gets more and more excited and youthful as she watches IJ Miae (Um Dae-hye) on the food channel. Graduate assistant Ji-Hoon (Son Ji-wan) maintains a sex partnership with a bachelor who meets at a club, but she takes her relationship seriously and is obsessed with him. Meanwhile, Ji-hoon is fascinated by her sweet appearance when she meets In-hee in the skin care room that followed Her.

Date: October 3, 2020
Actors: Yoon Sul Hee