Fucked by CCTV (2019)

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synopsis :
CCTV video of the day the director of C-S CTS and the new employee’s aunt were alone at night. She was an aunt who was usually new and didn’t give a quick side, but it was different only for the manager. I put my feet up there and caressed the manager’s place, and I’m making a sex appeal. The fact that CCTV sex video-love group K usually peeks at Makeup A in the station’s office is a fact that everyone knows from the broadcaster. K group found the shop just in time for Yang A to be alone. It’s K to be squeewy to the back and A.yang. The behavior of Yang A, who was usually bouncing back, feels a little different today…

Date: November 25, 2020
Actors: Aemi / Jung Do / Si Woo / Yae Ri