Girlfriends Taste (2020)

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synopsis :
Jung Woo, who is newlywed with Na Young, secretly meets Na Young’s close brother, Min-young. Na Young, who does not know that fact, tells the Democrats that he is concerned that the democrats are alone and that he will introduce a good man, but the Democrat disappears by telling Na young not to do anything that is useless, saying that he does not need a man. Meanwhile, Na Young talks to her husband, Chung Woo, about this fact, but Chung-woo also reacts with a sour reaction and is not interested in democratic narratives. Then one day, the democrat made a surprise visit to Na Young’s newlywed house and the three of them had a good drink and fell asleep. Democracy comes to the sleeping jung-woo and does a great job. The intense love between a close brother and a man of her sister has just begun.

Date: October 9, 2020
Actors: Sang Woo / Seo Won / Seung Ha