Healing House Kingdom of Sex (2021)

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synopsis :
This korean adult movie revolves around Hye-kyung, a housekeeper of two brothers Soon-sil and Jeong-seop. Hye-kyung discovers by chance that Jeong-seop is being cheated on by Soon-sil. Jeong-seop wants his girlfriend Tae-bong to be more familiar with his brother, so he invites her to his house. Immediately, Soon-sil is seduced by Tae-bong, the two secretly go to bed. Jeong-seop is told that by Hye-kyung. He was so touched that he fell in love with the beautiful housekeeper. When there were no secrets, all four played face up. The whole house suddenly turns into a sex kingdom, Hye-kyung, Jeong-seop, Soon-sil and Tae-bong frantically make love in that kingdom.

Date: August 15, 2022