Hole in law 2 (2020)

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synopsis :

Episode 1: Eun Jung, girlfriend of Sang-min, who begged me to sleep with my friend, is a nude model and takes nude photos in a motel with a stranger. Sang-min, who cannot trust the free-spirited eunjung, comes to Sang-min’s house after drinking with his close friend, Jae-hoon. Sang-min, who noticed that Eun-jung had noticed that he had been throwing a subtle chuckle at Jae-hoon, asks if he wants to do it with Jae-hoon while having sex with Eun-jung, and when Eun-jung responds positively, he enters the room where Eun-jae sleeps.

Episode 2: Sang-min, who lives with A Japanese woman, Yoshimi, introduces Yoshimi’s friend Michiko to an American roommate. Sang-min, who was told by his friends that having sex with a Japanese girl was a patriotic act, heard that if Michiko was drunk, he could not remember anything the next day, and he had sex with a drunk enticing michiko.

Date: September 18, 2020