In an end of the horse training ( 2014)

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Synopsis :
Mayumi, a married woman, starts a part-time job as a tutor, and meets Akira an introvert person. He always speaks silently and bluntly, but he seems to have some skill in studying. Gradually, he smiles toward Mayumi and feels like opening his mind little by little. But everything was just Akira’s intention. He imprisoned Mayumi and threatened her with the video he shot while committing her. Yuki falls into a hot affair with Kota, a reunion dating from high school at a reunion after a long absence. Soon, however, the relationship between the two is revealed to the husband, and the husband, who has been hurt, treats her like a pet in captivity. Soon Gi-ya brings Kota into the house and shows the situation. After that incident, Kota disappeared and the two went back to the past, but the fire in the two did not go out easily. Genius employee of a pharmaceutical company struggling to complete the ultimate fragrance. He tries to develop effective drugs, but others’ eyes are cold. Then one day, he meets Shiori, who has a fascinating look. He imprisons her and commits her, completing the best perfume with the love from her body.

Date: June 17, 2020