Let’s Play In Cebu (2019)

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synopsis :
I live in the Philippines with a tour guide in Zinjin. With no greed in life, Sungjin is always happy to spend the day dealing with only a few travelers. His way of life is to spend a hot night with his beloved Filipino girlfriend Zoe, and to guide the traveler during the day. . When you arrive in front of the airport, you’re already seeing the tea party. A guide to Sungjin. and gleeful minte and delay. But Ga hye’s expression has been dark. Ga Hye-hye tells the story that he’s not just too good to be deceived by Min Tae’s asked. What kind of story does Sung-jin tell when he sees such a benefit?

Date: November 24, 2020
Actors: Jin Joo / Mely / Sae Bom I