Lover Exchange Couple Sex (2022)

Watch korean porn movie – Lover Exchange Couple Sex (2022) full
The hot and secret love story of real couples who met by chance with their exes unfolds. Min-ah rents out the house she lives in and tries to get an officetel near her workplace. Seong-min moves into Min-ah’s house as a tenant. Min-ah gets scammed by voice phishing for all the deposit money Seong-min gave her. Min-ah, who is unable to find a place to stay right away and is in trouble…
She stays at home on the condition that she stays for a month before leaving, as if she is almost harassing Seong-min. Seong-min’s girlfriend Yu-hee and Min-ah’s girlfriend Geun-soo were ex-lovers and reunite like fate at Seong-min’s house. Then one evening, the four of them have a drink together, Seong-min and Min-ah get drunk first, and Geun-soo and Yu-hee go to bed after drinking in the evening. will break up While having a drink with Seong-min, Min-a makes a secret proposal to Seong-min… A passionate love story between four young men and women.

Date: December 7, 2022
Actors: Han Seok Bong / Ji Ah / Tommy