Mother in law Second Wife (2021)

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synopsis :
This Movie revolves around a messy relationship at Jung min’s house. Jung-min tries to live with her lover, Hyuk-ju, but her mother, Joo-hee, opposes.
Hyuk-joo goes to Joo-hee’s house to try to convince her. Joo-hee, who is secretly in love with Hyuk-joo, allows him to live with her thinking she wants him.
In the end, Jung-min and Hyuk-ju went back to live together.
Jung-min goes on a business trip abroad for a month due to work at the company, and with Joo-hee’s consideration, he lives at Jung-min’s house.
Joo-hee is very nice to Hyuk-ju. Hyuk-ju also feels that Joo-hee is paying attention to him and thinks about it. Jung-min’s younger sister Jeong-hye also shows interest in the handsome Hyuk-ju and has a crush on him.

Date: December 6, 2021