My Wife’s Part Time Job (2019)

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synopsis :

Seon-yeong’s husband suddenly loses his job, so a friend introduces her to a sexy substitute driving gig. She hesitates, but decides to do it when she hears it makes more money than an average sub-driver. Then one day, Seon-yeong meets Dong-hoon, the guy next door, while on the job and they have an affair…
Seon-yeong’s husband, Jin-soo, who has been doing delivery work, realizes what his wife is doing. Hyeon-ah happens to be suspecting her husband and the woman next door, and ends up following Seon-yeong with Jin-soo. The two witness their spouses having an affair.
Jin-soo and Hyeon-ah naturally fall for each other. Hyeon-ah has been struggling with her husband’s unique sexual fetish, but she ends up relying on Jin-soo and they fall into a secretive affair.


Date: September 4, 2020
Actors: Baek Se Ri / Ji Ah