Naughty Girlfriend (2021)

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An erotic film about the relationship between friends who have a crush on a woman.
Bora was taking a pleasant walk alone. She sighs when she gets a phone call from Dong-min, who annoys her every time.
In the end, she calls her close friend Woo-hyun and drinks with him. Woo-hyun confesses to Bora, who looks difficult, and the two drink a lot and have sex.
Woo-hyun is excited about his love affair with Bora, but Bora kicks him off because she’s sorry. Falling in heart, Woo-hyun calls Mi-young out of frustration.
Mi-young enters her work as soon as she sees Woo-hyun drunk. Will Woo-hyun get over it?

Date: September 28, 2022
Actors: Dahee / Im Cho Hee / Si Woo