Obscene House Slave Wife (2020)

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Synopsis :
Hyun-jung, who moved to a local mansion, was delighted with unexpected luck. She hated the noise between the floors so she wanted a quiet place with soundproofing. Since the tenants were mostly working couples, the mansion is quiet like a haunted city.

“Do people even live here?”

In wonder, she looked at her neighbors, they were not soundproof but they were just holding their breaths. After leaving the house for a while, someone came in and left visible traces. Ran all the way to the management room to check and no one invaded the house. The entrance is accompanied by a warning from a resident.

※ Warning – I know you’re newly married, but let’s live a quiet life!

Hyun-jung suffocates at the thought that someone is watching her move.

Holding on to the secrets and weaknesses of the women in the apartment, the presence of who slowly reigns like a king

Will be revealed…

Date: June 19, 2020
Actors: Min Jung / Sae Bom I