Outrageous couple sex life (2022)

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Minjung, a wealthy individual who received a large inheritance from his parents, has ample amounts of money to indulge in his hobbies and passions, one of which is running a successful business. Unlike others around him, Minjung never felt the urge to get married until suddenly, the thought struck him and he found himself wanting to tie the knot just like everyone else.

As fate would have it, Minjung was already dating Yeonhee and after seeing her again, he fell in love with her at first sight. Without hesitation, Minjung decided to propose to Yeonhee. However, there was one obstacle in their way – Yeonhee had a boyfriend named Sangwon.

Determined to clear the path for his and Yeonhee’s future together, Minjung set out to find Sangwon. He offered him a large sum of money in exchange for breaking up with Yeonhee. Despite the questionable motives behind his actions, Minjung was hopeful that this would pave the way for him and Yeonhee to start a life together. But, as the saying goes, things don’t always go according to plan…

Date: February 14, 2023