R-Rated Idol Seung-has Fancy Walk (2020)


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synopsis :

Seo Yeon was given extracurricular care by a younger man than himself. The first time I saw Woo Hyun, an extracurricular teacher, I became fond of it. Woo-hyun also has a fondness for beautiful seo-yeon. With the help of her friend’s democrats, Seo-yeon succeeded in flirting with the usa. A democracy that is too bad for the iron yet, even though it knows the heart of Seo-yeon, approaches Woo Hyun. After seeing the meeting between the Democrats and The People’s Republic of Korea, Seo-yeon is fieryly angry with his best friend, The Democrat. A democrat who knows his faults but is upset with his appearance, then tells Him to meet his friend, Jeong-soo. An angry seo-yeon tells The Democrats that he will meet the essence as well. It’s a sweet and bloody story about a man who’s a very close friend.

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Date: July 28, 2020
Actors: Bo Ra / Gil Dong / Seung Ha

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