Real Doll Sex Mannequin (2021)

watch korean porn movie – Real Doll Sex Mannequin (2021) full
synopsis :
A sexual film about a man who founded a real doll room and a real doll who transforms into a human being.
Ji-Sung received a proposal to start a doll room. Ji-seong, who had nothing to do in the era of Corona, started a stone doll room after receiving a proposal for a stone doll room. At first, the business may not be successful, but they do business with hope. One day, he helps his grandfather on the street, gets his grandfather’s blessing, and his business goes well. A strange thing happens when a stone doll mysteriously turns into a person, and business goes well. One day, he asks for help from his grandfather who helped him last time, but this time he just goes. His grandfather’s curse falls and the business goes out of business. The stone that turned into a person does not change and the business goes bankrupt.

Date: July 22, 2022