Second Mom 2 (2018)

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Synopsis :
Due to frequent overseas trips, Dad cannot go to a wedding and leaves abroad, and only Byeong-cheol and stepmother Hyo-min
remain at home. Byeong-cheol acts kindly like a mother and rarely opens his heart when he approaches a friend.
One day, Byung-cheol brings his girlfriend Min-seo and laughs as she cuts her face out of the room, but she doesn’t leave Jeong-seon-myeon in her head. On the other hand, Hyo-min, who had a crush on her, became a stepmother and confused.
One month after becoming a stepmother… Byung-cheol, who can’t even do the way to express Hyomin’s love for her, begins to treat Minseo as Hyomin’s substitute.

Date: June 22, 2020