Seunghas Friend (2021)

watch korean porn movie – Seunghas Friend (2021) full
An erotic film depicting the secret actions of men who make and sell videos.
Bong-sik is wasting his life playing games. One day, he is invited to a game chat room and finds out that he can selling secretly exposed photos there.
Various exposure photos such as a picture of his girlfriend sleeping naked and a picture of his sister changing clothes are being sold at high prices.
He sells several photos of his girlfriend, Yi-seo who was the only one who taking care of him in order to earn money. Unexpectedly, not-so-naughty photos sell at a high price.
Bong-sik then uploads a sex video with Yi-seo because he thinks that the video will make more money. A sex video of Bong-sik and Yi-seo, started selling for a high price.
Bong-sik calls his friend Jong-suk, creates a room of their own, and starts selling pornographic videos in earnest.
Finally, they are caught by his girlfriend Yi-seo and the two break up, but Bong-sik goes to Jong-suk and continues to make and sell obscene videos.
The police notice the obscene room that has started to spread rumors and start chasing them. He secretly sells the video to avoid the police but is caught by Yi-seo’s friend Soo young and is eventually caught by the police.

Date: August 30, 2022