Sex Is Zero 2002

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Synopsis :
Jang Eun-Sik is a hopeless 28-year old freshman that has his clumsy and awkward eyes on Eun-Hyo, a stunning young girl who playfully (and painfully) teases Eun-Sik – but rejects him all the same. During the film Eun-Sik absorbs an inhuman amount of physical and psychological punishment, and his sexual naivety and social impulses are constantly leading him from one embarrassing mishap to the next. These ‘character slips’ each come with their own spectacular, and often messy or damaging, results. Eun-hyo, on the other hand, has her gaze on a more popular and groomed suitor, but as her relationship gets more serious she finds herself alone and vunerable. The two both stand at the opposite ends of their respected groups. Eun-Sik is the errand boy for the school’s ‘Chayon Ryu’ club (they basically just smash each other with boards), while Eun-Hyo is the envy of her trendy and attractive group of friends. Of course one would think that there would be no chance Eun-Sik would be able to worm his way into his dream girl’s shallow heart, but Yoon does indeed find an entertaining path in this fast-paced comedic romp around campus.

Date: July 4, 2020