Sex video of my friend’s girlfriend (2023)

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  1. Unaware of the Camera: A man named James decides to secretly film a sex video with his girlfriend, without her knowledge. He asks his friend Min-woo to lend him a camera and invites his girlfriend Seri to his house. Before she arrives, he hides Min-woo and eagerly waits for her. When Seri arrives, James showers her with compliments and affection, not realizing that their intimate moments are being recorded.
  2. Hidden Cameras: A man named In-jun hides cameras in various places while inviting a woman named Hye-ri to be a model. He calls her and asks her to come quickly. When Hye-ri playfully complains about being late due to a difficult client, In-jun questions her sincerity and starts persuading her to have sex, expressing his strong desire for it.
  3. Unaware of the Camera: A married man named Dabi, unaware of the hidden camera, invites his girlfriend Hye-ri to pose as a model. Although Dabi hesitates at first, Hye-ri teases him, suggesting that he was late because he was spending time with his wife. Dabi denies it, blaming the delay on traffic. Hye-ri admits how much she missed him and kisses him, leading them both into an intimate encounter.
Date: June 14, 2023
Actors: Baek Se Ri