Sex Voucher (2022)

watch korean porn movie – Sex Voucher (2022) full
An erotic film about the relationship between a man and two women.
This 18+ Korean movie revolving around the story of a beautiful girl and her girlfriend rental service. Han Ye-ji is 21 years old this year, is in her 3rd year of university and is about to graduate. In order to gain more experience writing on her CV, Ye-ji wants to go out and work part-time. With her beauty, Ye-yi confidently applied to a dating company. She quickly received her first contract to be a fake girlfriend for a day for a male client. As her first customer, Ye-yi wanted to give him an extra incentive to get a 5-star review from this guest. She lied that the company was running a “Sex Voucher”, allowing service users to have sex with fake girlfriends they hired.

Date: September 20, 2022