She is Sexy (2022)

Watch korean porn movie – She is Sexy (2022) full
Sexuality film about relationships with childhood friends.
Min-joo accidentally goes to his childhood friend Jung-woo’s house and sees him naked. To relieve her embarrassing mood, she plays a prank on Jung-woo, but instead she learns that he has never had a girlfriend and runs away in embarrassment. Jung-woo, who has been caught naked by Min-joo, whom he likes, and who has also been caught, falls into a sense of shame. However, Min-joo doesn’t want to leave Jung-woo’s body in her head… Eventually, she borrows the power of her alcohol and goes to find Jung-woo. Jung-woo, who couldn’t bear to reject the drunken Min-joo, ends up having sex with her… But as a friend, he falls in heartache over Min-joo’s words… They come to him with threats under the pretext of …

Date: November 22, 2022
Actors: So Jeong / Soo Ji / Sung Min