Sister Exchange Sex 2 (2020)

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synopsis :

Seung-tae has a lover. Oil wells and glass are sisters, but their personalities are quite the opposite. Glass of a free-spirited, independent well and a timid nature. Yuri has no lover or man experience yet. Seung-tae introduces Yuri to a friend’s re-seat, and after dating Yuri, she tries to have sex at her home, but yuri’s opposite fails. After that, Seung-seok and Jae-seok will bet on whether Jae-seok will succeed in having sex with Yuri. On the other hand, the romance of the virgin seung-tae knows that Yuri is a maid, and she makes sex education with her as an excuse. Yuri, who is fearless about sex, calls Jae-seok on the phone and goes on a date, but can she succeed in having sex with Yuri?

Date: October 4, 2020
Actors: Si Woo