Sister in law Addiction (2020)

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Synopsis :

Tsunami and Aera are seemingly ordinary couples. And a little brother of Arah is a seemingly ordinary part-time woman. But they have a story to tell each other. Tsunamis and ailings are common place during the day, but if you go to bed at night, the tsunami can’t. Lara tries to do it for her husband, but she’s troubled because she doesn’t want to. And a brother of Arah says he’s going to work part-time, but he’s not an ordinary part-time job. So the three casually live in a house. But She wants to escape having sex with her boring and meaningless husband. And finally, Arah and The Tsunami dream of a change. However, the change of these three seems to be getting twisted rather than flowing in the direction they want.

Date: July 14, 2020