Sisters – Memories of The River (2020)

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synopsis :

After a busy life as a shop manager at a department store, Minji mistakenly called the police after mistakenly calling a man who had come to return his wallet late at night, and in this incident, the guard who worked as a teacher at the elementary school lost his life and was erased from the memory of Minji and the world. Two years later, minji, who had been busy preparing to marry her fiancé Hyun-woo, was kidnapped in a bizarre raid, and her suggestion that “if you remember your name, I will send it back”, she floats up to the men of the past, but cannot think of the name of the guard who has become a demon due to her own disdain. Minji is about to escape from the increasing lynching of the guard. Hyun-woo is shocked to discover her troubled past as she searches for minji who is missing, but can minji be able to get out of the kidnapper’s grasp and return to hyunwoo’s arms?

Date: September 7, 2020