Sister’s Room (2015)

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synopsis :

Sister, the world’s most precious friend, and lifelong rival! Mi Young (Song Eun-jin), who returned home unexpectedly because she missed her first love while studying in the United States, finds out that her sister Mi-Hye (starring) and her beloved college senior Jae Hyuk (Jeong-hyeong) are lovers, and that she is not able to sleep with hatred and jealousy toward her for the first time in her life. After learning of MiYoung’s heart, Mi-hye asks Jae Hyuk to break up and not meet with her brother, Miyoung, in order to clean up the triangular relationship. However, while she respects her sister’s choices, she cannot clear her heart about re-innovation. A few months later, Mi young and Jae-hyuk were reunited at the funeral home. Mi-Young’s love for the re-revolution begins to burn again, and she confides in Jae-hyuk about her long-suffering untrue feelings. On the other hand, Mi-hye learns of the heart of a divorced company senior, Young-hoon (Kim Do-jin), and begins a new love carefully.

Date: September 25, 2020