Sobbing Aunt (2020)

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Synopsis :

Young and sexy friend aunt insured to taste her body! Yoon Il and Jingi are between friends. Jin-gi invites Yun Il to meet her aunt, who is insured, only once. After reluctantly leaving, Yoon-il is fully entrapped by her young and sensual aunt. Promise to pay for insurance in the aunt’s low-lying attack and wait for the date of insurance. Yunil, who has been inlove for her aunt’s rich body, once again promises to buy insurance from her acquaintances for an affair with her aunt. Meanwhile, Jin-gi is invited by her aunt to introduce her friend, and she is introduced to her aunt’s junior, who joins the deposit, and receives a gift from her. Yoon il and Jin-hee have several insurance and deposits to go to bed with them.

Date: July 17, 2020