Son, I’m Sorry (2023)

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Ha-seon and Do-hoon were a passionate couple, their love for sex knew no bounds. They indulged in intense encounters, pushing the limits of pleasure, until one day, Do-hoon’s virility suffered a cruel blow. His erectile dysfunction left Ha-seon unsatisfied and yearning for more.

Frustrated and desperate, Do-hoon stumbled upon his father, Tae-bong, engaging in a scandalous affair with Ji-seon, his stepmother. To his surprise, witnessing their forbidden union reignited Do-hoon’s desires. Meanwhile, Ha-seon accidentally caught a glimpse of Tae-bong’s manhood, and her insatiable hunger for pleasure led her to engage in a sinful encounter with her father-in-law.

In a twisted turn of events, Do-hoon confessed his burning desire to make love to Ji-seon, his stepmother, to his father. Seizing the opportunity, Tae-bong orchestrated a wicked plan, setting up a night of forbidden passion between Do-hoon and Ji-seon.

This tale is a dark exploration of human desire, where pleasure and immorality intertwine. The characters delve deeper into their taboo cravings, blurring the lines between right and wrong. What shall unfold next in this twisted journey of lust and forbidden love?

Date: September 1, 2023