Strange Hair Salon (2015)

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synopsis :

“I’m tonight… I want to like my brother. To “handsome gold spoon” who has to go to the army with credits punk, “love rouge” who dreamed of a spark love affair, and “geese daddy” who had long rested from sex. Three men, starving and starved for their last chance, attend a paragliding fellowship with a black heart! The super-climax bagel girl that appeared there! The Black Heart Trio joins forces to lure her on a two-day paragliding trip. Who is the winner’s flag? The fair play of three men in her party’s mill party, which she doesn’t know about, is undoubtedly crumbling, dreaming of a night out with her, and the fouls and shortcuts begin to rife.

Date: September 28, 2020
Actors: Lee Chae Dam