Suspicious Wife Next Door (2021)

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synopsis :
An erotic film about relationships between neighbors.
Hyeon-soo loses his wife in a car accident during his sweet newlywed life and is depressed. He is dependent on alcohol every day, and his life is abnormal enough to see the fantasy of her wife who has already left. Then one morning, he looked at the house opposite to the sound of hum and saw a young couple moving in. He is looking at them who will become new neighbors, and she looks back as if feeling the gaze of Hyeon-soo. Embarrassed, Hyeon-soo shortens his visit and hides, but it feels unusual. A few days later, the doorbell rang at Hyeon-soo’s house, and the woman came again. She gives her rice cakes, greets him, and glances at Hyeon-soo’s house. It was just a simple greeting, but her figure is deeply engraved in Hyeon-soo’s eyes. That night, as he sips a beer and looks outside, he catches a glimpse of her quarreling with her husband. The dark side that contrasts with their bright smile during the day resonates somewhere in Hyeon-soo’s heart, and from then on, the two are attracted like magnets. But the meeting between the two of them is nothing but fate or love in the first place…

Date: August 25, 2022