Swapping Workshop for Middle aged Couples (2023)

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Introducing a young assistant named Dongsik, who goes on a couple’s trip with a middle-aged section chief and his manager wife. Dongsik joined the trip because he has ambitions for promotion. However, Dongsik’s wife, Yoonju, is unhappy because she feels like she’s just helping out, not enjoying the trip herself. She’s surrounded by gossiping ladies, which adds to her dissatisfaction. By chance, Dongsik sees Manager Seonggil, who is the section chief’s wife, having an affair. He becomes aware of the affair. Dongsik decides to confide in Malsuk, who also noticed the affair, in order to keep it a secret. This leads to a secret proposition from Malsuk.

Date: June 10, 2023
Actors: Dal Rae / Do Hee / Min Ja